Language Support for Young Children in Assam

In an effort to explore literacy and learning levels within the multilingual context in Assam, ASER Centre along with Pratham set up the Language Support for Young Children programme in Kokhrajar district in 2010. The objective of this project was to provide specialised language learning support to children in primary schools (Std 1 to 4). The project provided home language and bilingual support to children, in order to introduce them to Assamese and helped them to develop their competence in reading, writing and oral language skills to successfully engage with the school curriculum. Language support was provided via volunteers from the community who were trained by Pratham.

Classroom activities in the last year included oral language development, reading, writing, Math, producing TLM (colour conversation posters, reading material in Rabha, Santhali, Assamese, handbook of songs in home languages and Assamese, monitoring and support.


Research Projects

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