Enhanced Preschool Program (EPP)

The evaluation of the first phase (see Early Childhood Development: Impacting at Scale) was completed through a Cluster Randomised Control Trial across approximately 1400 children in 192 villages of Cuttack, Balasore and Balangir in early 2018. Following the first phase of the project, a transition phase (May-June 2018) in the form of group sessions with the same mothers and their children (who were now entering 3 years of age) was done, before the commencement of phase 2 of the program. The second phase, Enhanced Preschool Program (EPP) offered an opportunity to track the development trajectory of the same cohort of children as they enter the age group 3-6 years and are enrolled in the Anganwadi system.

Duration: 2018 onwards
Location: Cuttack, Balasore and Balangir; Odisha

Partners: Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS), Yale University, Pratham Education Foundation-ASER Centre, Centre for Childhood Care and Education Department (CECED), Morsel

Funders: Jacobs Foundation, Cowles Foundation, ELP World Bank, Dubai Cares

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