Technical papers

Survey design and precision of ASER estimates

This paper by Bharat Ramaswami and Wilima Wadhwa examines whether the sampling methods used in ASER generate estimates within a reasonable margin of error, and seeks to answer the question: if greater precision of district estimates is desired, then how should the sample design be modified?

Validating the ASER testing tools

Comparisons with reading fluency measures and the read India measures

This paper by Shaher Banu Vagh presents evidence for the psychometric properties of the ASER testing tools. It focuses on evaluating their validity and providing a detailed comparison of the ASER reading test with fluency measures that are an adaptation of the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA).

District level variation in learning

To what extent does the changing age distribution affect learning levels?

This paper by Shannon Stackhouse Flores addresses the concern that changing proportions of children by age from year to year may have affected learning levels, contributing to the great fluctuation in learning levels observed in some districts.
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