ASER Centre’s Research Unit develops and implements research projects that delve into various aspects of children’s educational trajectories. These projects aim to unpack and explain participation and outcomes at various stages, ranging from pre-primary school for young children to vocational training for older adolescents. The unit has undertaken various projects independently and in collaboration with other organisations.

Odisha Tribal Report

ASER Centre and Pratham Education Foundation collaborated with the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Research and Training Institute (SCSTRTI)…

Voices from the Ground

The ‘Voices front the Ground’ (Voices) initiative from the Life Skills Collaborative was designed to explore what young people and those closest to them…

ASER Health Report

ASER Health Report summarises our work over the last few years in extending the ASER approach to the health and nutrition sector. ASER Health aims to provide…

Did Technology Enable Inclusive Learning in Rural India in a Year of Lockdown?

This report, a complement to the ASER 2020 report, looks at the ASER 2020 data from an equity lens. While some sections and tables have been repeated from…

Pathways to Numeracy (P2N)

This mixed methods research is funded by the UK Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF NGO Secondary Data Analysis 2019) is a collaborative project between…

Understanding Education, Employment, and Vocational & Skill Training among Youth in Rural India

This study is an in-depth exploration of the educational and work aspirations, transitions and trajectories among India’s youth in the age group 16-25, with…

Can Schools’ Accountability for Learning be Strengthened from the Grassroots?

Designed and implemented by ASER Centre in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, ‘Accountability from the grassroots’ is a mixed-methods…

Enhanced Preschool Program (EPP)

The evaluation of the first phase (see Early Childhood Development: Impacting at Scale) was completed through a Cluster Randomised Control Trial across…

Study on Access, Transition and Learning in Secondary Education: A Two-Block Study

This two-year study (2014-2016) aims to provide an in-depth understanding of factors that influence children’s transition from elementary to secondary school…

Baseline Study of Teacher Performance in Bihar

Bihar is in the process of implementing a series of far reaching changes to its elementary education system, aiming to address issues of both access and…

Choice and Cost: The Role of Household Decisionmaking and Expenditure on Secondary Education in Rural Bihar

This IGC-funded research study is a pilot study for understanding the interrelated aspects of access to and participation of children transitioning from…

Bihar Elementary School Study

During May 2014, the Bihar Elementary School Study assessed Hindi and mathematics learning outcomes of students of Std 2, Std 4 and Std 6 of randomly…
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