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Working at ASER Centre

The objective of ASER Centre is to carry out a variety of survey, assessment, evaluation and other research activities in education and other social sectors as well as to build the capacity of individuals and institutions to design, conduct, understand and disseminate these activities.

One of ASER Centre’s main activities is the design and facilitation of the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) – one of the largest citizen-led household surveys of children conducted in India. In addition ASER Centre conducts a variety of other research and assessment activities, mainly in the field of education.

Towards the above mentioned objectives, ASER Centre offers exciting career opportunities for young, talented individuals seeking to better understand and conduct  applied research in education and other social sectors in India.

Job Openings

Communications Associate

ASER Associate (Telangana)

ASER Associate (Karnataka)

Research Associate – Specialist in Maths (Assessment Unit)     

Research Associate – Early Years (Assessment Unit)                                         

ASER Centre welcomes undergraduate and graduate students as short-term interns.
To apply send email to

B4/59 Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110 029

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